Aluminium Windows Specifications

We have chosen the Aluprof MB-70 Window Suite which offers high performance windows and great flexibility in terms of design and opening options. As all the windows are from the same suite it also offers great continuity between the windows.

The Aluprof MB-70 is a high performance and fully integrated window. Due to the specially designed polyamide break and extruded gaskets that are incorporated into the aluminum profile it offers excellent thermal insulation performance with the Uf rate from 1,0 W/(m²K) and reduced noise properties.

The range perfectly suites curtain walling and framing products and is appropriate for installation in low and high rise buildings for new buildings and refurbishment project

The window profiles themselves consist of a three-chamber structure featuring “omega” style thermal breaks consisting of polyamide reinforced with fibreglass. Not only does the “omega” style thermal breaks which not only offer low ‘’u” values but also increase the rigidity of the profile in comparison to the standard “flat” thermal breaks. Due to this, the system can offer excellent thermal insulation performance, with a Uf rate from 1.0 W/(m2K) and reduction of noise transmission.

Window profiles can be powder coated to any standard RAL colour so that you can make your windows bespoke to your project. Dual colour, textured, & woodgrain options also available.

We have chosen to supply all windows as standard with double glazed units featuring 4mm Clear Toughened & 4mm Low ‘e’ Toughened glass complemented with Warm Edge Spacers & Argon Gas Filling. Glass specifications can be changed to suit your needs, the options are endless.

There are many ironmongery options and finishes available as the window suite uses a standard Eurogroove.

Our aim is to manufacture high performance aluminium windows for a fair cost that will transform your project and last decades.

Thermal insulation: Uf from 1,0 W/(m²K)

• Windows available as fixed or open in, tilt and turn, tilt and slide

• Windows open in or open out

• Safety locking

• Steel look like industrial options

• Large size door constructions available

• Hidden sash option

• Secure windows options, providing burglar resistance

• Multitude of finish options

• Dual color options

• Glazing up to 60 mm

• Multi-point locking

• Eurogroove that broadens the choice of hardware available

• Suites with other systems allowing total design flexibility and project solutions

• Compliance with CE marking requirements

MB-70 is a modern aluminium system intended for exterior architectural building elements requiring thermal and acoustic insulation, such as: various types of windows, doors, display windows or spatial structures.

The MB-70 system forms the basis for solutions featuring enhanced thermal insulation performance, such as: MB-70HI, MB-70US HI and for a curtain wall based on MB-70CW HI windows.